I am so sick and tired of watching people experience things that I would love to experience all the while I sit at home doing nothing of substance. I am exhausted with trying to constantly fit into the boxes that others have created for me. I am tired of only being “Me” behind closed doors in fear that others will not like or accept who I really am. I am ready… for what you ask? The Bailey Experience.

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Baileys Boutique


2007 Fleet Street

Baltimore, Maryland

As far back as I can remember fashion has always been my passion. I taught myself how to sew by hand first. Then when I was in college I used to sneak into the design school at night and teach myself how to use a sewing machine. I started putting on fashions shows to display my clothing and for exposure. Those were some of the best days of my life. I strayed away for a while to take care of my children but the passion…the fire never left.

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The Experience

Silent Sufferers

You smile. But what is going on behind that smile? From a child we have been trained to grin and bear. Secrets never leave the home and hurts are not uttered past hidden whimpers. What have we done? What have our ancestor accomplished by allowing this cycle to be passed down from generation to generation? …


One day I took a walk. I stumbled across a path and followed it. I haven’t been the same since. I discovered a place where the sun shined bright and kissed my honeysuckled skin. A place where the water ran deeper than my soul and quenched its thirst. A place where no matter where I …