I am so sick and tired of watching people experience things that I would love to experience all the while I sit at home doing nothing of substance. I am exhausted with trying to constantly fit into the boxes that others have created for me. I am tired of only being “Me” behind closed doors in fear that others will not like or accept who I really am. I am ready… for what you ask? The Bailey Experience.

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Baileys Boutique


2007 Fleet Street

Baltimore, Maryland

As far back as I can remember fashion has always been my passion. I taught myself how to sew by hand first. Then when I was in college I used to sneak into the design school at night and teach myself how to use a sewing machine. I started putting on fashions shows to display my clothing and for exposure. Those were some of the best days of my life. I strayed away for a while to take care of my children but the passion…the fire never left.

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The Experience


One day I took a walk. I stumbled across a path and followed it. I haven’t been the same since. I discovered a place where the sun shined bright and kissed my honeysuckled skin. A place where the water ran deeper than my soul and quenched its thirst. A place where no matter where I …

WHAT’S IN STORE: Fashions That Your Wallet Would Approve Of

“Fashion should be fun and affordable.” This is a direct quote from the Fashion Glamorii herself, Brenda Bailey. Owner of Baileys Boutique, which is located at 2007 Fleet Street,  I make it a personal goal to fill my store with fun, trendy and affordable clothing items. “Being a Boutique Owner can be tricky. I want …