Meet & Greet: Baltimore Rap Sensation JLaw

On Thursday October 13, 2016 excited fans and supporters of Baltimore rapper JLaw piled into Baileys Boutique to engage in an intimiate meet & greet with the artist. As they took their seats "Chats With BJ" creator and TV personality BJ Barnett took her seat prepared to dig deep into the mind and person of … Continue reading Meet & Greet: Baltimore Rap Sensation JLaw


What Do You Do? …Vote 2016

  When you look at the world through eyes of pain what do you see? Do you see a burst of colors? Some that have not even been discovered yet? Do you see the tears of the impoverished or the cries of the destitute? When you adjust your lenses and stare out at the sea … Continue reading What Do You Do? …Vote 2016

The Era of the Black Male “UNICORNS”

Race: Black (check) Lived past 18 (check) Graduated High School and College (check) No kids before marriage (check) Job (check) No Criminal Record (check) According to some men they are officially a “UNICORN” If I could insert the side-eye I would.  I have come to discover that I am living in the era of the … Continue reading The Era of the Black Male “UNICORNS”