The first time Monsieur contacted me my face lit up. Every time he would text me I couldn’t help but to get all giddy and crap (insert eye roll). I liked the feeling but yet I didn’t. It’s an Aries thing I guess.  Anyway, eventually we started hanging out on our own. There was this … Continue reading AU REVIOR MONSIEUR


My Conversation With Lucifer

In the post entitled “The Night I Met Monsieur” I mentioned Lucifer. Today we will explore the time I entertained a conversation with Lucifer. I met Lucifer a little over 3 years ago. Just like the devil he came off as quiet, reserved and innocent; but the more I was around him the truth began … Continue reading My Conversation With Lucifer

The Night I Met Monsieur

As we all sat around watching the UFC fight the room was filled with good energy. The laughter was real and the festivities were live. Man, I have having a GREAT TIME. <<REWIND>> T and I were down Fellspoint chilling. As we were walking around talking we decided that we wanted to cool out indoors … Continue reading The Night I Met Monsieur

Playing Games

"The games stopped when I realized what I bring to the table has [actual] VALUE” -#FashionGlamorii When you realize your value you will stop settling for less than your worth. You are an important part to everyone’s life you come in contact with (whether for a split second, a season or a lifetime). Your presence … Continue reading Playing Games

The Epidemic of the “Quitter” Part One (I)

I QUIT! You can’t continue to live off feelings and emotions. They have a tendency to blind you from reality and give you a distorted perception. –FG# Oh how easy it is to throw a pity party. It’s even easier to pull out a pillow and sleep in a bed of grief and despair. You … Continue reading The Epidemic of the “Quitter” Part One (I)

FG# Motivations: 5 Key Steps To Help You Navigate Through Life

This video has been crafted by the #FashionGlamorii to provide those who need an added push in life with one. These 5 steps are what has helped  me as well as others to navigate through some tough times and situations. Life is a journey and there are those trying moments that make you want to … Continue reading FG# Motivations: 5 Key Steps To Help You Navigate Through Life