10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I am shy. Yeah right! I know that was your first thought, but I really am shy. Growing up I wasn’t encouraged to talk a lot so I would just go into the bathroom when no one was looking and talked to myself in the mirror and conducted how to tutorials to my fake audience … Continue reading 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

The Ultimate Guide: How to Fail at Everything You Do!

I guess you are wondering why you should entertain a blog on how to fail at stuff. You probably feel like you fail enough on your own so why do you need any extra help? You are right in your thinking; you do not need any more help than you already have. You have enough … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide: How to Fail at Everything You Do!

The EXACT Steps I Take to Initiate a New Business Project/ Venture

If you are anything like me then that means you are a highly creative procrastinator. I have brilliant ideas but I like to wait until the last minute to stress myself out and stay up at night longer than the moons departure. Now, I am blessed to be able to function like this and still produce awesome work; … Continue reading The EXACT Steps I Take to Initiate a New Business Project/ Venture

An Embarrassing Story [The Devil’s Hooves]

I am a shoe fanatic, but I am not in love with every shoe style. I particularly have never had an affinity for “mules”, clogs, whatever you want to call them. I called them the devil’s hooves because I always believed they were created in Satan’s ward and sent to earth as a visual agitate … Continue reading An Embarrassing Story [The Devil’s Hooves]

Journey To Wellness: The St. Agnes Cancer Center

My lab results were not favorable. My surgery was cancelled. “So, I guess I am just supposed to continue to live with this pain huh?!?! Great!” Until my blood levels went up I was not eligible to participate in a surgery that could ultimately pinpoint why my body had declared war against me. I was referred to a Hematologist.

Playing Games

"The games stopped when I realized what I bring to the table has [actual] VALUE” -#FashionGlamorii When you realize your value you will stop settling for less than your worth. You are an important part to everyone’s life you come in contact with (whether for a split second, a season or a lifetime). Your presence … Continue reading Playing Games