One day I took a walk. I stumbled across a path and followed it. I haven’t been the same since. I discovered a place where the sun shined bright and kissed my honeysuckled skin. A place where the water ran deeper than my soul and quenched its thirst. A place where no matter where I … Continue reading Homecoming

Playing Games

"The games stopped when I realized what I bring to the table has [actual] VALUE” -#FashionGlamorii When you realize your value you will stop settling for less than your worth. You are an important part to everyone’s life you come in contact with (whether for a split second, a season or a lifetime). Your presence … Continue reading Playing Games

The Epidemic of the “Quitter” Part One (I)

I QUIT! You can’t continue to live off feelings and emotions. They have a tendency to blind you from reality and give you a distorted perception. –FG# Oh how easy it is to throw a pity party. It’s even easier to pull out a pillow and sleep in a bed of grief and despair. You … Continue reading The Epidemic of the “Quitter” Part One (I)

FG# Motivations: 5 Key Steps To Help You Navigate Through Life

This video has been crafted by the #FashionGlamorii to provide those who need an added push in life with one. These 5 steps are what has helped  me as well as others to navigate through some tough times and situations. Life is a journey and there are those trying moments that make you want to … Continue reading FG# Motivations: 5 Key Steps To Help You Navigate Through Life