Silent Sufferers

You smile. But what is going on behind that smile? From a child we have been trained to grin and bear. Secrets never leave the home and hurts are not uttered past hidden whimpers. What have we done? What have our ancestor accomplished by allowing this cycle to be passed down from generation to generation? … Continue reading Silent Sufferers


One day I took a walk. I stumbled across a path and followed it. I haven’t been the same since. I discovered a place where the sun shined bright and kissed my honeysuckled skin. A place where the water ran deeper than my soul and quenched its thirst. A place where no matter where I … Continue reading Homecoming

WHAT’S IN STORE: Fashions That Your Wallet Would Approve Of

“Fashion should be fun and affordable.” This is a direct quote from the Fashion Glamorii herself, Brenda Bailey. Owner of Baileys Boutique, which is located at 2007 Fleet Street,  I make it a personal goal to fill my store with fun, trendy and affordable clothing items. “Being a Boutique Owner can be tricky. I want … Continue reading WHAT’S IN STORE: Fashions That Your Wallet Would Approve Of

The Trend Watch: Fashion vs Comfort

Name: Liz Age: Over 30 & Fabulous Hometown: Baltimore, MD Major: Communication “When I go shoe shopping 90% of the time I come back with nothing” –Liz Being a student and a full-time professional can be tricky. Especially when it comes to footwear. It ultimately turns into fight of fashion vs comfort. For University of … Continue reading The Trend Watch: Fashion vs Comfort

Playing Games

"The games stopped when I realized what I bring to the table has [actual] VALUE” -#FashionGlamorii When you realize your value you will stop settling for less than your worth. You are an important part to everyone’s life you come in contact with (whether for a split second, a season or a lifetime). Your presence … Continue reading Playing Games

Business Plan Writing 101 [The Basics]

Business Plan Writing 101 [The Basics] Disclaimer: This post does not cover the financials needed to successfully complete your business plan. This is a follow-up to the August 3, 2017 FB: Live Session (Video Below)  Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to write a business plan first let’s cover a few foundational … Continue reading Business Plan Writing 101 [The Basics]

The Epidemic of the “Quitter” Part One (I)

I QUIT! You can’t continue to live off feelings and emotions. They have a tendency to blind you from reality and give you a distorted perception. –FG# Oh how easy it is to throw a pity party. It’s even easier to pull out a pillow and sleep in a bed of grief and despair. You … Continue reading The Epidemic of the “Quitter” Part One (I)