10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I am shy.

Yeah right! I know that was your first thought, but I really am shy. Growing up I wasn’t encouraged to talk a lot so I would just go into the bathroom when no one was looking and talked to myself in the mirror and conducted how to tutorials to my fake audience (before youtube). I forced myself to compensate for my shyness by sometimes being overly social. I felt this would help me to break out of my shell. If you catch me at the right moment you may even catch me blushing. 

2. I ran away from home at 16

I remember as far back as elementary school, I would pack a bag when my parents were sleep and go stand at the door trying to convince myself to open it and run for my life. I felt like a sucka because I could never gather enough courage to do it. Then I got tired of being hungry and homeless so I bounced. It was the hardness thing I ever had to do. I remember going into my Grandmothers bedroom and giving myself a pep talk. Telling myself I could do it. She knew I was serious and she gave me $20. Back then that was a lot. I looked my father in the face and told him I was out…. And I was, wish I would’ve left sooner. 

3. I love potatoes

I SIMPLY ADORE POTATOES…. I love French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes (I’ll skip the scallop potatoes)…. Man if I eat nothing else I can chomp down on a potato.

4. I have a bunch of journals with a bunch of to do lists

I am a visionary. I dream vividly. I envision while conscious, and I love to write. Soooo, I write in a book and then when I feel like there’s been a shift in my life, or a new season has engulfed me I start a new journal (even if the other one isn’t filled up). Every week I write a to-do-list and check it off as I go. Because I think so much I have to have an outlet to gather and organize my thoughts. The beautiful part about it is, when I go back and look at what I wrote either I have healed from it or I have accomplished it. There are even the moments when I write an idea and a year later it’s time to manifest it- and the entire plan and vision is already in my book… great stuff!

5. My favorite color is every color

Okay, my main favorite color is blue but I love every color in the spectrum. As an artist there is just something about all the vibrant hues of life that aesthetically moves me.

6. When I am done I am done

I will give chance after chance but when I am done I am done. I can forgive but I WILL NOT return back to what hurt me and embrace it as a new part of my life. Nope, if you have burned the bridge and have not tried to mend it before I said I am done, whelp, sorry for ya. [[Kanye Shrug]]

7. I am socially awkward but I like to be invited out

I am a self proclaimed weirdo. When I let you in I am goofy and silly and soooo crazy. If I do not know you I am a bit socially awkward until I feel you out. I get invited out and here are times I do not want to go; I’d prefer to stay home… but the invitation means a lot. Sometimes people just want to know they are being thought about. 

8. I have memory blockages

Due to the nature of my childhood my coping mechanism was to block out what was hurting me and create a place of escape. I did that until I was well into my 20’s. After 30 I started the healing process on a new level and now I conquer instead of cope. This does not mean that bits of images do not come up every now and again but I have a lot of black areas in my memory. 

9. I used to teach myself how to sew by using linens

I knew I loved sewing even as a child. I would watch my mother sew the holes in our clothes and I was intrigued. So when I could get my hands on some needles and thread I would sneak and take a pillow case, or some sheets and make dresses. That’s how I got started in fashion.

10.I used to steal clothes from stores because I couldn’t afford them 

There was a period of time when I was living with a friend and their family while I was in High School. I had no financial support and I liked clothes. So one day someone put me onto how to shoplift. I gave it a try. I used to have a different outfit everyday. I did what I had to do to put clothes on my back (that was how I looked at it). Why did I stop? Well, one-day God sent me a dream that I would get caught. I got scared and stop stealing for a little bit. Then the person who put me on came to me and was like she was going to the mall. I knew exactly what that meant and I went with her. Technically, I did not get caught that day in the mall but she did. BUT WHEN I GOT HOME…. Oh I was caught alright… they sent me back home to live with my father. I was 18 by them so I sucked it up until I left for college and never stole anything again. It really wasn’t something I liked or wanted to do but when you are on your own you find ways to survive.

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