The Ultimate Guide: How to Fail at Everything You Do!

I guess you are wondering why you should entertain a blog on how to fail at stuff. You probably feel like you fail enough on your own so why do you need any extra help?

You are right in your thinking; you do not need any more help than you already have. You have enough help from your friends, family… and oh, lets not forget your number one nemesis, YOURSELF!

So just engage with me for a little bit. This blog can not hurt you anymore than you already have been.

Now, there are plenty of ways to fail but here are my top 3.

  1. Never starting
  2. Listening to and conforming to others
  3. Down playing yourself


The best way to fail is to never start. Well maybe you are thinking… “If I never start there is no way I can fail”… WRONG! Not starting does not reserve the right for you to duck failure. Nope, you fail even if you don’t start. A project, a concept, a business, etc…. is still that even if you don’t act on it. If it still exists as a thought, idea or whatever form it takes, “it does not disappear just because you don’t move on it.” 

Everyday people die with potential.Things they wanted to do but never initiated. The graveyard is full of dead success. ??DEAD SUCCESS??Yes!! Success that died before it was given the opportunity to manifest itself. 

Okay, I guess I should be happy that you at least wrote the concept down in your journal. But is that the same journal that is gathering dust on your shelf… or getting crust balls at the bottom of your bag? I am not going to say that writing down the concept is “good enough”. NO, to me that isn’t even starting, I call that the pre-requisite to starting. Starting is actually moving on what you wrote, thought, etc…

So, don’t add to the graveyard of DEAD SUCCESSES… get moving.


Yeah, I’m sure that constructive criticism is great, that others people’s opinions should be taken into consideration, blah blah blah. [insert side eye] You are not going to get that here. Before you even get to the point of discussing anything with anyone the conversation starts and ends with you!

This is your life. You die once. Everything YOU do is a cause and effect YOU have to deal with. So, keeping this in mind…listening to others is needed at times, but you have to know how to make the best decision for you.

Some people will creep in as dream killers.They see you hype and hear your excitement as you tell them about what you have cooking. Then BAMN… the negativity. If you cannot differentiate the dream killers from those who have your best interest at heart, then move in silence.Eventually as you are growing in what you are doing your vision will become clear enough to decipher who is in front of you.

A lot of people never make it past the “I am thinking about doing” stage due to allowing others to project their insecurities on them. 

Here is {hear} some advice,

– if the person you are talking to has never done more than what you are attempting to do

-if the person is a starter but not a finisher

-if you know they like to hate on others

-if they NEVER have anything nice to say to you or about you

-if they are NOT a visionary (this is a big one)

-if the ifs keep adding up



Some animals can smell fear. Believe it or not some people can too. They watch you. They listen to you. They study you to see where you are fearful. Stop downplaying yourself it is costing you too much… let them do that for you for free (insert smile). You have to get to a point that if no one else believes in you you have to believe in yourself. The journey of starting and finishing involves a lot of bumps and bruises. It is not a smooth ride. Don’t let anyone lie to you and say that it is.

By developing a definition of success for yourself you will relinquish yourself from the need for outside approval. Building your self esteem and self worth is necessary in order to create your definition. Most people’s ideas about success are irrelevant to what you are doing. They do not parallel. So do not hold yourself to someone else’s standards.

You’d be amazed at how many people see more in you than you do in yourself. Not all will tell you, but that doesn’t mean it is not seen. Start affirming yourself and I bet you will see a huge difference in what you attract to you. You will see that idea or concept from a different perspective and that will be because you will finally be able to see yourself doing it.

Once you can see yourself doing a thing then the clock starts ticking for the manifestation.

There are more factors that contribute to why and how people fail. I’ve “briefly” highlighted three. I could write for days about this topic but I won’t. What I will do is end like this…you can sit on your bum and never accomplish anything or you can GET UP… start a conversation with yourself… write down the vision… put feet to your vision… and go for it.

No matter when you start it will always be the right time, the perfect time, your time! Age is suspended in time when you work towards your goals. As you start moving things begin to shift and now time is taken out of the equation…giving YOU the advantage!

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