The EXACT Steps I Take to Initiate a New Business Project/ Venture

If you are anything like me then that means you are a highly creative procrastinator. I have brilliant ideas but I like to wait until the last minute to stress myself out and stay up at night longer than the moons departure. Now, I am blessed to be able to function like this and still produce awesome work; but more times than not I get on myself about not starting sooner.


Overall, my strength in all of this is that I am a starter and a finisher.“Better late than never”, I think that is how the quote goes. [insert shoulder shrug emoji]

So for all my reader genius’ who come up with amazing ideas but never know where to get started this post is for you. I know the struggle of being an over thinker. I also know how easy it can be to think of a great idea, and not have a clue as to how to get it out of your head and make it a reality. 

[Drumroll Please] 

This is a cheat blog. Here are my exact insider tips on how to initiate a project. 

  • I Sit in silence. 

Now for some people this is the hardest thing in the world to do. I get it! But in order to get a clear vision you need to eliminate the noise. 

While you are sitting, if you can, close your eyes and see it. See yourself doing it. See it happening. Try to take in as many details of what you can see as possible. Stay there as long as you can.

  • I Write what I saw.

Write, type, voice record… whatever works for you, JUST GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Capture as much detail as possible from the beginning to the end. Everything is important so don’t under think anything.

  • I Finalize my goal.

What is the end goal of the project? Get a fresh sheet of paper and write it down. Now write it down on a loose sheet of paper and post it somewhere that you will see it everyday. You need a constant reminder of your why, so that when things seem rough you have a reason to keep pushing.

  • I go back to what I wrote and break it down in outline format.

What needs to be done? All projects fulfill a need. What is the need? What items or products do you need to satisfy the need? What kind of help do you need to accomplish this? What kind of resources do you need to sustain this project? Etc…Answer every question you can imagine about the project in this outline.

  • I read through my outline and start prioritizing and ordering each bullet point.

I start by reiterating my end goal. By the time you are done you should have the end goal up top, the need in the middle and the end result at the bottom. 

  • I start! Do not wait on anyone or anything. Take the first thing on the list and work towards it. If the first thing is reliant on other people, then browse down your list and start on the things that you can do yourself.
  • I build my team.

You have to invest in yourself before you can expect others to invest in you.If you need money to get your business started, then you should be your first investor. If you want it bad enough you will find starting capital. The same way you can find $5 for lunch, you can also find $5 to put towards your project. 

DO NOT attempt to build your team and you have not done anything towards your own project. Not only is that not fair but it also shows a lack of true commitment. 

This is just your starting point. The goal is to start. Once you start then you can focus on the next step… FINISHING and FINISHING STRONG.[insert strong arm emoji]

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