Journey To Wellness: The St. Agnes Cancer Center

[Back Story]

My lab results were not favorable. My surgery was cancelled.

“So, I guess I am just supposed to continue to live with this pain huh?!?! Great!”

Until my blood levels went up I was not eligible to participate in a surgery that could ultimately pinpoint why my body had declared war against me. I was referred to a Hematologist.

When I called to schedule the appointment I was able to obtain one pretty fast. It wasn’t until she gave me the address to their location that I almost cried. My doctor was located at the Cancer Center. Now, by the grace of God, I DO NOT HAVE CANCER but most Hematologist also practice in Oncology.

Here we go.

When I went to my appointment I was so weak I could barely walk. It was 100 degrees outside, I was super emotional, my levels were less than half of what they needed to be and other factors were contributing to me not feeling my best. 

My doctor was extremely nice and had done his research about me in advance, I was impressed. He knew all my lab results back 10 years. (Insert surprised face). I intently sat and listened to his prescribed treatment plan. It involved more needles…. (insert eye roll emoji). My regime would start the following week.

My treatments would be in the same area as those who do have cancer and other illnesses. I would get to witness and participate in a part of what they go through on a temporary basis. 

It took me the whole week leading up to my first treatment to prepare myself. I googled everything I could think of to get a better idea (from a patients point of view) of what to expect. I would be going there by myself and I want to be emotionally ready for ANYTHING.

[Treatment Week One & Two]

Taking the elevator to my appointment.

When I got there everybody was extremely nice and helpful. My nurse was cute and that was a plus. Eye candy is always a helpful distraction (insert wink emoji). As he took me back to the treatment area I took in my surroundings. There were a variety of people there. Some I would not have expected to have seen and some that I could tell were going through it. It was a bit overwhelming. I sat in the chair and placed a smile on my face to disguise the fact that I wanted to cry. 

My nurse ran down a list of questions and didn’t seem shocked at any of my answers. I guess he was used to hearing them everyday. He proceeded to prep me for the needle while we waited for the medicine he had ordered. I was offered food and beverages but I only wanted ice. I hadn’t eaten in a few days due to no appetite.  Ice would suffice.

My meal for the day.

I turned my face as he poked my skin with the needle. I loathe needles. (insert crying emoji). He left me to myself and my thoughts. I sat there just praying for everyone there with me. I felt the pain, the tiredness and the hurt in the room. 

I hate needles, but I sucked it up.

When my time was up I jetted out of there and sat in my car to breathe. I had made it through round one. I had did it.

I did it, but I was sooo tired.

I felt more energetic as the week progressed, that was until I starting itching. You guessed it. I broke out in a mysterious rash, on my face of all places (insert mad emoji).  I attributed it to something I had eated. It wasn’t until after I got my second treatment and was I sitting in the parking lot of my primary care doctor’s office that I realized that I was indeed having an allergic reaction to the medicine (insert duh emoji).

Yup, I was slow… real slow. The rash felt more like pins and needles being shot throughout my whole body more than anything. The medicine they gave me for that made me sleep for hours after taking it. I felt like I was back where I started. [sigh]

{fast forward}

My body is getting back to normal… and bing bing my levels went up. They have to switch my treatment style but I can now have my surgery!!!!! Yes, let’s get this over with (insert strong arm emoji). My surgery date is approaching and I will keep you all updated (insert waving emoji). Until then….the grind never stops.

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