My Conversation With Lucifer

In the post entitled “The Night I Met Monsieur” I mentioned Lucifer. Today we will explore the time I entertained a conversation with Lucifer.

I met Lucifer a little over 3 years ago. Just like the devil he came off as quiet, reserved and innocent; but the more I was around him the truth began to surface.  

<<REWIND>> We met at an event thrown by a mutual acquaintance. We seemed to enjoy being mean and sarcastic towards each other (all in fun).  It worked for us. Everyone knew when we were in the same room expect for us to always have something cynical to say to each other. When we weren’t being jerks and we were actually getting along it was cool too. I didn’t have an interest in Lucifer I just have the bottom line problem of seeing people’s potential….and I knew he had the potential of being a good person if he really tried so I was okay with being cool with him.

Then things got interesting, Lucifer tried to holla at your girl (insert annoyed face). I wasn’t interested. I wanted him to stay in the friend zone and he did not like that. So I cut him off. Things were getting messy, people’s feelings were getting hurt….and again I was not interested. But just like Satan, Lucifer KEPT POPPING BACK UP…. (insert eye roll)

Let’s talk about how he would pop up though…..he would pop up with GAME…. Like slick talk, compliments, flattery, sweet talk, etc… …. Trying to get to know everything about me, my fears, my life…. everything…..And guess what… I still wasn’t interested. So this debauchery went on for about maybe 4 months before I finally gave in and decided to entertain a REAL CONSERVATION about it all. Uh, shoot me later…..

Let’s just say after that conversation about 3 months later LUCIFER surfaced in the flesh. A narcissistic, emotionless, selfish individual with a victim mentality. All the sudden I was the problem.  Everything he learned about me he used against me. The flattery and compliments disappeared and consistent criticism ensued. Nothing was good enough. I found myself shrinking and becoming self conscious. IMAGINE THAT (insert screw face). He could NEVER admit when he was wrong, but always felt I was in the wrong. I was given the silent treatment for long periods and when he did resurface it was like he never did anything.

Don’t ask me how I got sucked into the sunken place but I did. It finally got to the point where we separated ways….but little did I know how much of a hater he was/is. The things that got back to me that he said….or should I say the lies…. The stories he invented…Man…. there’s a special place in hell for people like that….for LUCIFER.

<<FAST FORWARD>> The kicker for me is that I was nice to a point… what point you ask? Well for a while I wasn’t true to my Arian nature… I was nice and still considerate still holding onto the potential….until the night I met MONSIEUR….. let me tell you… after meeting a grown man like that…. Best believe my last interaction with LUCIFER was a serious tongue lashing…. Followed by eternal blocking on every platform. I think the thing that hurt most for me was that people were willing to believe the worst without even consulting me for the truth. Final conclusion? ((insert middle finger emoji)) you can all kick rocks.

I always wondered why he was such a great person to other people and treated me like crap…and then I realized… hurt people hurt people and perpetuate a cycle of pain…I briefly got caught in his cyclone….thank God for freedom.

Now I am not perfect in all of my ways either. I have definitely grown within myself from this interaction. It is always healthy re-evaluate self and figure out what was it in you that made you to stay in anything toxic. I put in the work and have made the necessary changes “FOR ME” As for Lucifer. We all have a demon we are fighting. I still believe the person is capable of being a great human being but he first has to acknowledge, confront and defeat his inner demons. Best of luck to him with that!

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