The Night I Met Monsieur

As we all sat around watching the UFC fight the room was filled with good energy. The laughter was real and the festivities were live. Man, I have having a GREAT TIME.

<<REWIND>> T and I were down Fellspoint chilling. As we were walking around talking we decided that we wanted to cool out indoors and enjoy the essence of Mother Nature. I gave my homeboy a call to see what was good but he didn’t answer. (I am thankful now that he didn’t. If he had I would have never met Monsieur again)

“T, I’m going to hit up “Sir“ we haven’t chatted in a while so I don’t think he’ll hit me back but we shall see” I sent the text message and as we were heading towards our cars my text alarm went off. “Sir“ had actually responded (insert surprised emoji). I let him know what the move was and after he checked with his boy it was a go… we were in there… a night of relaxation filled with the quintessence of good ole Mother Earth.

When we arrived at the location “Sir” met us outside. As “Sir” led us into Monsieur’s house I vaguely recollected meeting Monsieur a few years back. I was invited to his birthday gathering by Lucifer (a soon to come post). Monsieur and I met each other that night but didn’t really pay the other any mind. He seemed cool but I never got to find out that night.  

<<FAST FORWARD>> Mother Earth and I connected on another level that night. I was so at ease. I was surrounded by gentlemen. We were vibing soo hard. The fight was amazing and the company was exceptional. Monsieur was very witty and able to keep up with me on several levels. I sat there with a raised eyebrow throughout the night. Where was this Monsieur when we met a few years ago? I think we could really be friends…. PAUSE…… Lucifer came in stage left. (insert eye roll)

Lucifer didn’t say much, but I knew how this would go. As he sat on the sidelines I continued to watch the fight and relish in the presence of actual good human beings. He left eventually…. (stay tuned for more details)

The night was coming to an end. T was half sleep on the couch. I helped clean up our mess and gathered my things. It was time to go. I liked Monsieur’s personality. He was like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t know if we would talk again but you want to know what I did know?… He was definitely a quality person. He was knowledgeable about so many things beyond the surface, he was funny and he had actually caught my attention. (imagine that! I am a true ARIES it is hard to get my attention)

We all exchanged hugs and the night ended. There was no one night stand, no slutty exit…. Just a great memory created… life would go on from there….

<<A LITTLE WHILE LATER [SpongeBob Interlude]>>MONSIEUR HIT ME UP (insert looking eyes) and things started to get lit…..

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