WHAT’S IN STORE: Fashions That Your Wallet Would Approve Of

“Fashion should be fun and affordable.” This is a direct quote from the Fashion Glamorii herself, Brenda Bailey. Owner of Baileys Boutique, which is located at 2007 Fleet Street,  I make it a personal goal to fill my store with fun, trendy and affordable clothing items.

“Being a Boutique Owner can be tricky. I want to cater to a variety of personalities by providing quality designs all while maintaining a price that my client’s wallets approve of.” Well, how do I tackle this feat? By offering custom design items coupled with upscale revived apparel Baileys Boutique boasts of an assortment of reasonably priced fashions.

When asked how my clients have responded to Baileys Boutiques arrival in Fells Point my response is “Let’s just say any day is a great day for a photoshoot at Baileys Boutique. Not only have my clients purchased items but in their excitement we have done on the spot photoshoots in them. Now I would say that’s a lot of Glam Love!” The perfect example of this is depicted in the picture above. This young shopper discovered this flowy floral print strapless dress ($7) and combined it with a neutral colored dangling stone necklace ($10) and walked away with a youth glam look to be envied. All for under $20.

Now, what does the Glamorii consider to be affordable? When you stop by my ever so chic Boutique you discovered items as low as $3.00. From skin care products to fashions designed and sewn by the Glamorii herself. The boutique boasts of variety and necessity.

Even the toddlers can come and go with a bag in hand. These princess dresses were spotted and sported instantly. The young ladies decided it was a must to walk out the door in them. I had an opportunity to ask one of them how they felt about their shopping experience and they said, “I am coming back, if my mother lets me of course.”

“When I see my clients smile, twirl and give me the thumbs up it warms my heart. I love fashion and I want to see others love it on them. I have always dreamed of creating a space where people can come in and indulge in their fashion addiction without the anxiety of wondering how they would be able to afford nice things. Well that dream became a reality with Baileys Boutique” (Brenda Bailey)

For custom designed fashions (like the one picture above) and revived glam apparel visit Baileys Boutique, 2007 Fleet Street, open every Saturday from 10am- 3pm. You can also subscribe to our website for up to date store announcements and information.

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