The Trend Watch: Fashion vs Comfort

Name: Liz

Age: Over 30 & Fabulous

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Major: Communication

“When I go shoe shopping 90% of the time I come back with nothing” –Liz

Being a student and a full-time professional can be tricky. Especially when it comes to footwear. It ultimately turns into fight of fashion vs comfort. For University of Baltimore student Liz, shoes are both a necessity and a low key fascination.

When asked what shoes trends are currently hot right now she was able to delve into a fashionably chaotic depiction of pointy toes, stacked heels, and gladiator styled “anything”. Let’s not forget knee high boots. Liz specifically called out knee high boots as a must have.

Now what’s in does not always align with what a person likes. For Liz cute, classic and sporty were the key descriptive elements of what her shoes need to embody. They need to be able to translate from day to night and season to season. Due to her day profession great foot support is essential and it helps to have a pop of color.

Liz does not normally have to change her shoes as she is dashing from work to class. But when she does she prefers to rely on a pair of driving shoes that she keeps in her bag. They provide her with the comfort she needs and the reliability she desires.

Although she loves to go shoe shopping 90% of the time she can’t find anything. When she does find her perfect shoe she makes sure to take great care of them and hold onto them for as long as possible. So in the case of fashion vs comfort the winners are fashion by day and comfort by night. At least for now.

So for all you show shoppers who are having a hard time finding the perfect shoe here is my go to store…. aldo shoes (click to be redirect to their web page. May the odds forever be in your favor (insert eye wink)

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