Limited Access

It is in the essence of your beauty that I subscribe to your reality”


I am very particular about who I allow into my space nowadays. I have come to realize that everyone does not need access [clearance] to me. Hear me out….

As you put yourself into a posture that attracts growth guess what pops up as well? Weeds. If you look outside at the earth you will notice two things. The sky and the ground. On the ground grass sprouts. When the rain comes and waters that grass it begins to grow and with it grows the weeds. The more growth the more weeds. What do weeds come to do? They come to choke out the progression of the grasses development. Where does this obstruction take place? At the root.

Ah! So if you are following me then you can begin to picture what I am saying. As you are growing others will try to attach to you. Some are grass just like you are, others are weeds. Those peoples [weeds] sole purpose it to impede you so that you can expand no further than where you already are.

They try to get you from the root [your core]. They may be the people in your circle who remind you of how you used to be and what you used to do. They may also be the ones who say “you can do it” but only to the extent that it benefits them. The more they are around you the more you find yourself questioning your self esteem, value, worth and capabilities.

Let me ask you this… Do you EVER get tired of believing in other people more than you believe in yourself?… Well, you should! This next level you are embarking on requires that you uproot the weeds in your life and fully embrace your truest potential. Grow without the stench and stagnation of the barriers that weeds in your life have created.

So from this moment on I encourage you to start limiting the access other people have to you. Change the locks on your doors and close them real tight. You are about to soar towards the sky and you don’t need anything or anyone holding you back!





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