“Who Am I Now?”

Eventually you will reach a point in your life where you will look around and begin to wonder “who am I now?”

Honestly, you will experience those kinds of moments several times throughout your life not just one. If the seasons change four times a year why do you think you don’t? It is in our innate nature to constantly evolve. Now whether we want to or not is not an option. It just happens. People in our circle begin to shift. Situations start to become more intense. Life advances at a pace that we can no longer keep up with…. and BAMN….

“Who Am I Now?”

It is in those moments of unsurety that we experience our growing pains. We are forced to delve deeper into ourselves to discover what is so new about us now. This painful journey, no it does not always feel good, compels us to reflect inwardly. We lose the alternative of projecting on others…. We are faced with ourselves.

Let me offer a few pointers to anyone who may find themselves in this predicament. This is for those who are at a breaking point, turning point, “YOU” point….

One) “Judgment Free Zone”

Allow yourself a personal space where you freely assess who you are without judging yourself. We are judged by so many people on a daily basis. We have conformed to their standards on more than one occasion in an effort to accommodate their “NORM”. So create this space for yourself so that you can begin to truly experience who you are without conditions. If you are mean acknowledge it…don’t judge yourself for it…just say you know what I am mean, or I am unhappy, or I am critical, or I LOVE FOOD, etc.. Whatever plane that you land on it is okay. This is you evaluating yourself…. It is a self appraisal.

Two) “Take Some and Leave Some”

Now that you have seen your character….yes, your judgment free zone has revealed your true character. The Good and the Bad! Take what you need and leave what you don’t. Let me give you an example. I can be a very critical person. As an extremely creative being I am always look past what I am seeing and looking at how it can and should be better. This can at times be overwhelming and over critical. So how do I flip it? Well being critical is not all bad, I just have to learn when to turn it on and when to turn it off. That comes with practice. When a situation arises and I feel the need to be critical I take a moment BEFORE I react and come to a decision as to whether this moment warrants a certain response.  If it does then I move forward, if I feel the slightest bit of hesitation I apply “The Art of the Pause” until I am sure of what to do. So, in essence I am TAKING the critical aspect of my personality and LEAVING the destructive characteristics by choosing when and how to use it.

Three) “Stop Looking Around”

Social Media has made it sooo easy to compare and contrast your life with others. Where you are has nothing to do with what they are doing. It has everything to do with what you are/ are not doing. When you are in this “who am I” phase it is dangerous to try to balance your life against someone else’s. This can cause unnecessary stress, depression, jealousy and self-hate. You are an individual. Your journey and your timing are not aligned with anyone else’s. So I encourage you while you are in this phase DO NOT predicate your current position based on where you are seeing others. Let me give you an insider tip {everything is not always what it seems} A lot of people will “put on” [a front] for their viewers and in reality they are going through the same phase you are. So don’t look around for validation or even for comparison….look within. The keys to your next open door can be found in what you discover about “YOU”.

Until next time…… Love You…. Be You…. Embrace You….

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