FG# Motivations: A Moment of Transparency

I got hit hard this week. So hard it knocked the wind out of me emotionally and I found myself asking what did I do to deserve this? How did this happen? I’m normally the one trying to encourage everyone else but in those moments I couldnt even figure out how to encourage myself and I found myself at a standstill.

I had to be real with myself… God operates in forgiveness and love. His grace and mercy extends beyond our comprehension. And since my goal is to be more and more like Him I needed to take on those same characteristics. Not saying be a fool and continue to be hurt but to…

Accept that yes it hurt you, no it doesnt define you, lay it at Gods feet and let him deal with the others and most importantly #rebuild. Get up and allow God to #rebuild you and keep moving.

The enemy wants to keep you from finishing don’t let him. So I encourage anyone who may be reading this and have experienced hurt that it gets better and the more you focus on you and allow God to #rebuild you the less that situation will continue to affect you.

Be blessed and remember that you never know what a person is experiencing so always spread love and encouragement

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