Meet & Greet Author: Breanna Barnett

On Tuesday, October 11 2016 a group of excited young children climbed the steps to reach Baileys Boutique to embark on an experience that they will look back on for years. As they entered the store and saw the craft table decked out with activities and snacks their excitement grew. They were in for a treat and they knew it!

What they got was more than they imagined. Childrens author Breanna Barnett began her session by letting the children gather their snacks while she prepped her space in the childrens room for her book reading. As soon as she opened the page of her favorite book by Dr. Seuss the kids were mesmerized. They laughed, danced and joined in with Ms. Barnett as she brought the pages to life with her animated story telling.

After the book was finished the kids were given the opportunity to do a Melissa Lissa activity and skit. Melissa Lissa is Ms. Barnetts soon to be released childrens book series. It details the journey of a young girl who is learning how to do things independently with the help of Godly principles.

As the kids colored the Melissa Lissa craft it was evident that they could not wait for the book to be released. They embraced the role play they engaged in related to the book and blew us away with their acting skills.

All in all it was a great night. To view part 1 off the book reading watch below.

More childrens events are on their way. Stay tuned…..


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