What Do You Do? …Vote 2016

Image result for bloodied american flag


When you look at the world through eyes of pain what do you see? Do you see a burst of colors? Some that have not even been discovered yet? Do you see the tears of the impoverished or the cries of the destitute?

When you adjust your lenses and stare out at the sea what do you see? Do you see a vast expanse of water calling you into the unknown?  A place where peace and solitude embrace you as a brother/sister. Do you see those who have drowned in their sorrows only to be one with the elements?

When you stop looking, close your eyes and just allow yourself to listen what do you hear? Do you hear the rumbling of the earth? It’s moaning over the things that are endured daily. Do you hear the diminishing heartbeats that belong to those who are slowly giving up?

When you allow yourself to really hear what’s going on what are you a witness to? Do you hear the screams of broken mothers or the shots that took away what they travailed to birth? The children that were supposed to be the “next” but ended up being a statistic. Do you hear the grumblings of a people who are losing hope and gaining fear?

When you close your eyes and cover your ears what do you feel? Do you feel the anguish of a falling nation that can no longer hold itself up? A place that has dismembered itself from humanity by being de-human. Do you feel the boiling rage that is running down mountains like an erupting volcano?

When you close your eyes, cover your ears and can no longer feel what do you taste? Do you taste the sins of a people that feel they have a right where there is no right? A people of superficial supremacy that are really a minority with an inferiority complex. Do you taste the greed of a green that was never meant to be consumed?

When you close your eyes, cover your ears, can no longer see and have lost your taste what do you touch? Do you touch the lifeless body of the walking dead in hopes of reviving them? Transferring a legacy of strength and resilience that once died with their ancestors. Do you touch a button and allow the pressure to push for a vote “the lesser of two evils”?

What do you do?

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