Men and The Bevel System.

This is dedicated to all my handsome men out there. Men who choose to grow out their beards whether for effect or for sport. Men listen to me (imagine me squeezing your face between the palms of my hands and forcing you to stare me in the eye) us women we LOVE the beards…. We just need you to take care of them. Keep them nice and clean and GROOMED. So in light of this information we did some research for you.

THE BEVEL SYSTEM! We understand that shaving can sometimes irritate your skin and that is why we recommend this company who has cultivated their line of blades to accomodate your sensitivity. If you are looking for a way to UPGRADE, yes I said UPGRADE, your lifestyle AND your look you may want to run to this website Not only will you notice a difference in your skin but you’ll also notice a difference in how people treat you. You want respect,then you have to look like you deserve it and act like you require it.

Now why do I care? Thanks for asking! I care because honestly as a women we are just as visual as men. So if you want to keep your lady interested or even if you want to attract a QUALITY lady you have to do your part and keep yourself way above ground level.

Now let me go a little deeper for you guys that require DEPTH. You say “I grew my beard for me.” I look into your eyes, reach past your soul and pull out the truth. Some of you are just plain lazy, while others of you like the look but not the required upkeep. Now there is a breed of you that likes the look, doesn’t mind the upkeep and likes the attention you attract. Either way if you grow it then maintain it. If you don’t want to maintain it then cut it all off and walk around with your baby cheeks loose (meant with love).


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