The Era of the Black Male “UNICORNS”

Race: Black (check)

Lived past 18 (check)

Graduated High School and College (check)

No kids before marriage (check)

Job (check)

No Criminal Record (check)

According to some men they are officially a “UNICORN”

If I could insert the side-eye I would.  I have come to discover that I am living in the era of the black male “UNICORNS”. When this concept was first presented to me I smirked and leaned forward in anticipation of an explanation. This ninja, I thought as I listened to my male counterpart describe how in today’s society if a black male can check off every box on this brief list then he should in fact be considered a UNICORN. I inwardly laughed as I considered what I was being told. This guy must really think he is special, I thought.

Now, after much pondering you know what? He is right, he is special. He’s unique. He’s a UNICORN and that is something to be proud of. When you live in society that not only judges you but stigmatizes you based on your skin color, how many kids you have, your criminal record, etc… to be able to defeat those odds and say that’s not me is an accomplishment!

This guy isn’t cocky, this guy is absolutely correct. The media is constantly displaying images of black males who are as Hilary Clinton would dub them “super predators” that are ambitionless and just cold blooded murderers. These men have been depicted as “baby daddies” with multiple children and several “baby mothers” and no jobs. According to them every black male might as well be a drug dealer. Now with this being the new norm presented to our children and to the world anyone who does not fit that description is definitely a UNICORN. To be honest we need more Black Male UNICORNS!

We need them to proudly gallop around with their one horn on display and their regal manes blowing in the wind. Giving us a depiction of the true characteristics of our strong black men. Men that are proud, have integrity and morals, that recognize their worth and work hard to accomplish their goals.

Now, this is not to say that if you are a black male and were not able to check off everything on the list that you are not unique or special! Hey, you just made some decisions that set you on a different path but you are still a strong black man. Some of you just had your horn knocked off by your by environment, some decisions you made and honestly just life. Well guess what?! You are still KINGS, ALL OF YOU ARE KINGS! Who society has tried to tame but you chose to run free and unhindered. As long as you have breath you have time and opportunity to reach your goals and make positive moves in your life!

So to all my black male UNICORNS AND KINGS we love you and we support you! Keep standing strong and tall.

***Please note, I think all my beauitful black men are KINGS. This article just highlights those KINGS who have exhibited UNICORN characteristics***

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