.Sometimes You Just Have To Reinvent Yourself.


One morning as you are waking up you will open your eyes and discover “ek, I don’t know who I am anymore!” or maybe even “I don’t like who I am anymore!” You will slowly reposition yourself into an upright position on your pillow and stare at the wall and sigh. “What the heck am I doing?!”  This thought will first ease into your mind and then proceed to escape from between your lips and out of your mouth.

Don’t freak out! As long as you chose to keep living you will experience moments like these quite a few times. I have come to realize that it is within these moments that I chose to reinvent myself.

Now how does this reinvention work? Good question! Self reinvention involves the following:

#1 Mind Renewal… You cannot embark into the new chapter in your life without an ENTIRE mind renewal. A mind renewal is the process of weeding out things you thought you knew (and more than likely these things have not been beneficial to you) and replacing those things with a newer and more positive perspective. Sounds easy but it can prove to be rather difficult if you aren’t careful. This journey requires time for meditation and self confrontation. Ultimately it requires that you put self FIRST for once and allot time for this new development.

Open your bible and delve deeper in your relationship with God, get in touch with your inner spirit, learn who you were created after and created to be.

#2 Get a Vision… This new chapter of your life deserves a new vision. This is where how you were seeing things before will be altered. What do you want to accomplish in this new chapter? What characteristics would you like to exhibit? What goals do you want to reach?

#3 Your Appearance… A self reinvention always includes an outward make over. Change your hair style, do something different. For my ladies add a different splash to your makeup. For my men grow a beard, or if you already have one cut your beard. Research some new fashion trends that you wouldn’t mind adopting and SWITCH IT UP. With this reinvention not only do you want to feel good on the inside but it should also reflect on the outside.

#4 Evaluate Your Circle… Dream killers are an adversary to your progress. Do a realistic evaluation of who is really in your corner. How many of your friends have asked you about non surface level things concerning you? How many of your friends have been encouraging AND helping you obtain goals and pursue dreams? How many people in your circle TRULY have your back? It will be difficult for you to move forward in this reinvention journey if you are still holding onto baggage… yes, anyone in your circle that doesn’t belong there is BAGGAGE.

#5 Believe in yourself… You can do this. You are doing this for you and noone else. You are worth every positive change you can make. Reinventing your self is not reflective of you not loving yourself… it’s reflective of you loving yourself enough to know when a change is needed…

because…. “Sometimes you just have to reinvent yourself”




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