To the BEAT

brushesEver went on Amazon or even Ebay and browsed the make-up brush selection in hopes of becoming a master in the art of make-up-try (yes, we make up our own words on this site)? Whelp, let us help you. For all of my inspired readers who have a desire to at least look like they know what they are doing consider this chart.

You may not be a pro…just yet at least… but you can study and practice like one. This diagram outlines the various brushes that will probably come with that kit you just purchased online.

So lets start with the basics, after properly cleaning and moisturizing your face you apply your primer (you can do that with your finger tips). Next, you work on your brows and use the comb brush. outline under the eyebrow with light concealer (and I stress light concealer).

On to your foundation (foundation brush), concealer and if your daring contouringhighlighting. Add some bronzer, blush and do your first spot check. Like what you’ve done so far? Great, lets tackle those eyelids.

Depending on the look you are going for the size of your shadow brush will vary. Keep in mind that day looks are different than night looks. Apply your shadow (s) and then clean up any residue or fallen pigments. Blend your life away, slide on some lip color and viola you have now arrived at BEAT street.

In my honest opinion less is better but it all depends on YOUR comfort level. Now go BEA “U” TIFUL and walk to your own “BEAT”!




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